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Decorative Floor Coating

Our choice of embellishing floor covering frameworks, including quartz, chip mixes and metallics, give you the alternatives you have to suit any space. Our lovely shaded quartz mix and tar framework offers the unprecedented quality and effect resistance of a total filled floor and can be connected utilizing telecast, slurry or trowel techniques. Inventive shaded chip mix and tar completes give the look of terrazzo at a small amount of the cost, and cost a great deal less to keep up with no waxing or uncommon buffing required.

Our metallic "artificial stain" flooring gives the natural magnificence of recolored or cleaned concrete, however with far unrivaled execution. Out in the open spaces, recolored solid wears away, losing its shading and get done with, demonstrating movement examples and attracting consideration regarding patches, repairs and permeable cement. Our elite, "false stain" metallic powder floor covering frameworks, then again, introduce typically to stow away, as opposed to accentuate, solid substrate flaws. Their beautiful, streaming examples apply equitably and oppose wear immovably, because of their modern evaluation gum and mineral total segments in our epoxy floor frameworks.

Substantial Duty Durable Epoxy Floor Coatings

Who says superior can't be lovely, as well? Our enlivening epoxy floor covering frameworks and different resinous materials demonstrate that magnificence isn't simply shallow. Try not to give the shocking improving completion a chance to trick you—these floors are intense. Contingent upon your solid floor structure and office needs, they can be up to 1/4″ thick or more, with effect resistance and compressive quality as amazing as the most grounded overwhelming obligation mechanical epoxy solid deck framework.



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